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High-Quality Clothing

All garments manufactured in our plants has a focus on high quality produce, with strict quality control guidelines. Throughout production a consistent screening of each garment is inspected to reduce the possibility of defected goods. This is to provide only the best for our customers and meet demands for quality.

Materials and Fabrics

We source high grade fabrics and materials across the globe, which we then proceed to use in our production process. Our product range has been through leaps and bounds due to our experienced and knowledgeable teams in the embroidery, yarn and dying plants. We strongly believe that fabrics and materials are an integral part in textiles; as a result, we are committed to source the best fabrics for our product range.

Design & Sampling

Our in-house design team can produce multiple designs at a short period of time, with varying styles and colours matches that represents current fashion trends. Any specific conceptual ideas or design requirements can be implemented in the development stage to meet our client’s expectation and desire. Once the design has been finalised the sampling stage would be the next process. This stage would show the design and allow any comments or adjustments to be made before the production process. All these processes can only proceed with the client’s approval, just to make the product that much perfect.


The cornerstone to every textile manufacturing company is the production process. We ensure that the production is kept at the highest efficiency with minimum wastage and consumption respectively. The factory unit prides itself in the large output of garments it can produce each month; meeting any large quantity orders given. Our high monitoring of effective quality control during production, helps us reduce any discrepancies in individual pieces. This ensures that all goods shipped are of the best standard and highest quality.

Logistics & Delivery

The factory plants have production services that are quick respond to any purchase order. On average our Sample lead time is 7 – 10 days, while the productions lead time is 60 – 90 days after order confirmation. Of course, we aim to meet our clients expected date of completion and delivery times. Our commercial team have years of experience dealing with clientele with varying bulk sizes and sensitive export and importation documents. We pride ourselves in the shipping and dispatch times of our products.


Being eco-friendly and sustainable is more than achievable and is something we strive to accomplish every year. The factory units hold a large Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) to ensure any chemical waste is filtered and safe enough to be released back into environment. Our Research & Development team strive to make a significant impact in the textile industry, by improving our carbon emissions and chemical wastage. Environmental concerns are something we hold very dearly in this company and will always be researching ways to help boost our green capabilities.